There are many diseases and conditions that cause pain or discomfort in the feet, and a podiatrist is usually the right person for the job, or can refer for specialist care. We aim to treat these and get you back on your feet.

Skin conditions:

Athlete's foot (tinea)
    A fungal infection of the skin, this is diagnosed based on the signs and symptoms, and a full history of the complaint. The treatment plan is then discussed by the podiatrist and a total resolution is generally reached.

Warts (verruca pedis)
    Caused by a virus, warts spread easily and are often seen on the feet. They can be unsightly and are quite painful when occuring on weight bearing areas of the feet. The podiatrist will determine and !!!discuss!!! the best treatment plan, which will depend on the size, location, number and duration of the wart. Warts can be resistant to treatment and require persistance as well as patience on behalf of the patient and podiatrist.

   A painful build up of hard skin that often occurs under high pressure areas of the foot such as under the ball of the foot or the top or side of the toes. This can be treated with removal by the podiatrist and different management strategies to prevent or reduce the risk of future occurrences.

And many more...

Nail conditions:

Fungal nails
   Nails can become infected with fungal microorganisms which can lead to thickened, discoloured or crumbly nails. If left untreated this can spread to other nails or even lead to systemic infections. Several treatment options are available and we can advise you on the best modality for you.

Ingrown nails
   Some patients are predisposed to having curved nails, which can be painful and splinter or puncture the skin surrounding the nail, leading to infection risk. We can often manage this conservatively, however ingrown nail surgeries may be necessary to prevent the future risk of this occurring.