It is a well known fact that the greatest reason for admission to nursing home care is poor mobility. With regular podiatric care we can help you stay on your feet. 

Our podiatrists routinely treat patients for nail management, where it has become difficult for them to manange their nails properly. 

Excessive callousing and corns are also removed by the podiatrist, and can be managed with regular visits or alternate methods such as insoles or padding to alleiviate symptoms.

Much can be acheived through the management of these areas, reducing pain from corns, long nails, and excessive build up of hard skin. This can help to keep patients mobile, increasing their quality of life.

A common disease affecting increasingly more of the population is Diabetes Mellitus, which affects the body's ability to use glucose (sugar) for energy in cells. If poorly managed, diabetes can lead to irreversible damage to nerves and blood vessels of the lower limbs, and also reduces the body's immune response and rate of healing. Podiatrists seek to manage the problems associated with diabetes, including numbness or reduced sensation, swelling of the lower leg/ankles and vascular insufficencies through careful and regular monitoring of the patient's foot health.

One of our primary aims as Podiatrists, is to enable you, the patient, to do the things you want to do without your feet getting in the way. Painful feet are no fun at all, and have a significant impact on your everyday quality of life. If your feet are causing you grief, please make an appointment and find out the difference a podiatrist can make!